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There are styles for everyone to love and we can help find the ones for you.



Students will learn discipline, poise and grace. Ballet is the foundation of all dance forms and is highly recommended for all students. Ballet is mandatory for dancers on the DMB Dance Team.

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Consists of musicality, syncopation, rhythm and timing, Students will learn a variety of tap technique, speed and clarity of taps.

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Consists of isolation, technique, stretching and free play of movement. Variety of popular styles will be taught from funk to Broadway to Alternative.



Enables students to express complex emotions and abstract ideas through carious forms of movement. Dancers respond freely to music, silence, or creating their own language of movement.



A combination of strength and motion. Dancers will learn tumbling techniques to help improve their strength and endurance. Acro is a fun and energetic combination of tumbling passes and dance technique.  

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An extremely fluid style of dance. Not associated with a specific dance technique, but rather dancers explore the natural emotions of their bodies to produce a very personal dance piece.  


Hippity Hop

An introduction to Hip Hop for younger dancers. This high energy class will focus on rhythm, musicality and hip hop technique. 

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Hip Hop

Focuses on musicality and high energy movements using a wide range of past to present hip hop and R&B music. A wide variety of subgenres including pop and locking, pop, street and more!

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